Robert Colvile in conversation with James Ball

03/09/2020 - 03/09/2020

The internet has reshaped how the world works. Everything we do in our lives is tied to the internet; whether it is receiving all the latest breaking news and being informed at all times, checking our online banking or even running events and interviews. All we talk about is Google, Twitter, Facebook, using the Cloud, but the internet is more than the website you browse. In his latest book, James Ball explores the hidden side of the internet, looking for the actual network of physical cables and connections as well as the network of people involved to understand who owns the internet and how does it own us?

To discuss the ins and outs of the internet, the beneficiaries and the linking of huge data, the Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to invite you to a public webinar where we welcome James Ball, writer, author and Pullitzer Prize winner. James will chat to CPS Director and Sunday Times Columnist Robert Colvile to explore further the abstract and physical sides of the internet.

James Ball is the global editor of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, where he oversees the not-for-profit’s international reporting projects. He also works as a freelance writer and broadcaster, and is a weekly columnist for The New European. He was previously a special correspondent at BuzzFeed UK and special projects editor at The Guardian, where he played a key role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the NSA leaks by Edward Snowden, as well as the offshore leaks, HSBC Files, Reading the Riots and Keep it in the Ground projects. At WikiLeaks he was closely involved in Cablegate – the publication of 250,000 classified US embassy cables in 2010 – as well as working on two documentaries based on the Iraq War Logs. James is the author of multiple books, including “Post-Truth and “Bluffocracy”.

The event took place on Thursday 3rd September at 5pm.