Free ports, nodes, and networks: harnessing trade after the pandemic

25/06/2020 - 25/06/2020

The Centre for Policy Studies and Global Economies Neural Networks were delighted to host a public webinar on ‘Free ports, nodes, and networks: harnessing trade after the pandemic’.

Global trade nodes and networks were emerging before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the special economic zone agenda is gaining political traction in the UK, most clearly in the form of free ports. All the while, international trade continues to be at the forefront of political minds as the end of the Brexit transition period draws closer. This discussion will bring these threads together and explore the role that global networks and nodes of trade and special economic zones play, what is necessary for them to flourish, and how they can be used to boost the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Robert Colvile, Director of the CPS and Columnist at The Sunday Times, chaired an online panel discussion with Shanker Singham, CEO and Chair of Competere and Chairman of GENN, Georgina Wright, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government, Lars Karlsson, Managing Director of KGH, former Director of the World Customs Organisation and former Head of the Swedish Customs Agency, and Frank Dunsmuir, Industry Lead for Customs and International Trade at Fujitsu. 

The event took place on Thursday 25th June at 5pm.