CPS in conversation with Helen Pluckrose

29/09/2020 - 29/09/2020

Join us tomorrow for a public webinar with Alex Morton in conversation with Helen Pluckrose, co-author of ‘Cynical Theories: How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity — and Why This Harms Everybody’

Liberalism is under siege – from the very people who are meant to defend it. That is the argument of ‘Cynical Theories’, an extraordinary new book by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay which exposes the extent to which universities and academic thinking have become dominated, and corrupted, by a radically intolerant strain of postmodernism that views society through a lens of grievance and victimhood.

In this fascinating discussion, Pluckrose will talk to Alex Morton, Head of Policy at the Centre for Policy Studies, about how woke thinking conquered campuses – and about turning Mein Kampf into a feminist tract.

Helen Pluckrose is the editor of Areo Magazine and the author of many popular essays on postmodernism, critical theory, liberalism, secularism, and feminism. A participant in the Grievance Studies Affair probe, which highlighted problems in Social Justice scholarship, she is today an exile from the humanities, where she researched late medieval and early modern religious writing by and for women.

The event took place virtually on Tuesday 29th September at 5pm.



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