The Free Market Roadshow - London

20/04/2015 - 20/04/2015


6.00 to 8.00pm, Monday 20 April 2015

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of secular stagnation. What recipe does Europe need to change the declining trend? Can more centralisation produce different results? Or should Europe instead reverse course, liberalise the economy, lower tariffs and subsidies, and stop paying lip service to austerity, and balance budgets and lower taxes?


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Video 1
Start – Lord Saatchi
05:35 – The Austrian Ambassador to the UK
09:44 – Lady Judge, Institute of Directors
15:30 – Fraser Nelson, Editor, The Spectator
18:57 – Daniel Mitchell, Cato Institute

Video 2
05:01 – Dr Victoria Bateman
17:24 – Simon Walker, Institute of Directors

Video 3
0:14 – Matthew Hancock, Minister of State for BIS and Energy

Video 4
Start – Nima Sanandaji, Timbro
06:24 – Declan Ganley, Entrepreneur
15:39 – Luke Johnson, Entrepreneur

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This Conference is part of the Free Market Roadshow 2015, an international event organised by the Austrian Economics Center (AEC), in cooperation with over 60 leading think-tanks and universities across Europe and the Caucasus. It brings together leading business people, outstanding scholars and students, opinion leaders, policy experts, elected officials, diplomats and other interested parties from across Europe to discuss the current Euro-zone crisis, explore what kind of Europe people want, examines the ‘conundrum’ in which the EU finds itself in and discusses ways to turn the current crisis into an opportunity.  

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