Anglo-American relations in 2012: Defence cuts and the Presidential election

18/04/2012 - 18/04/2012

Westminster, 12.45-2.30pm

A Round-table lunch to discuss the nature of Anglo-American defence relations, and to examine the future path of the relationship more broadly under different Presidential election outcomes.

Former Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Bernard Jenkin MP, will explain the context of British defence policy following The Strategic Defence and Security Review and its ramifications for our position as a military power. Last year, he published a report for the Henry Jackson Society entitled ‘‘The Tipping Point: British National Strategy and the UK’s Future World Role”. 

We are also delighted to welcome Ted Bromund, a Senior Research Fellow from the Heritage Foundation who studies and writes on British foreign and security policies and Anglo-American relations in The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. He will provide a brief American perspective on current defence policy, before broadening the discussion to outline how he sees the relationship between the two countries developing under different Presidential election outcomes.

The event will then open out into an informal round-table discussion, chaired by Lord Saatchi.

We do hope you can join us and add your expertise to the discussion.

The lunch will take place under Chatham House Rule, but will be attended by policy makers, politicians and journalists specialising in defence and foreign affairs.

RSVP to Ryan Bourne [email protected] or call 0207 222 4488 if you wish to attend. Attendance by confirmation only.