Rt. Hon. Gisela Stuart


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Rt. Hon. Gisela Stuart was elected on 1 May 1997 as the first Labour Member of Parliament for the Birmingham Edgabaston constituency and stood down in 2017 after 20 years as an MP.

Gisela served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health from 1991-2001. She also served on a number of House of Commons and Joint parliamentary committees during her 20 years as an MP including the Intelligence and Security Committee, Defence Committee, Foreign Affairs Select Committee and the Social Security Select Committee.

She also served as Chair of Vote Leave, the campaign group that ran the official, successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, and Chair of Change Britain, a group campaigning to make a success of Brexit.

Gisela’s other interests during her parliamentary career included pensions reform, especially the provisions for women, constitutional reform, and the European Union. Gisela also served as Editor of “The House” parliamentary magazine during her time in the House of Commons.