Johan Eliasch


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Johan Eliasch, born in Sweden in 1962, is the Chairman and CEO of Head B.V., the global sporting goods group, and is the former Special Representative of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He is chairman of Equity Partners, Aman Resorts and London Films. He is a member of the board of directors of the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment, Longleat and Acasta Enterprises. He is an advisory board member of Brasilinvest,Societe du LouvreStockholm Resilience Centre, CapstarCentre for Social Justice and the British Olympic Association. He is a member of the Mayors of Jerusalem and Rome’s International Business Advisory Councils. He is the first President of the Global Strategy Forum,a trustee of Cool Earth and a patron ofStockholm University.

He has also served on the boards of IMG (2006 – 2013) and the British Paralympics Association, the sports advisory board of Shimon Peres Peace Centre, the advisory board of the World Peace Foundation. He was non-executive chairman and a non-executive director of Starr Managing Agents 2008-2015. He was non-executive chairman of Investcorp Europe 2010-2014. He was a trustee of the Kew Foundation 2010-2016. He chaired the Food, Energy and Water security program at RUSI 2010-2016. He was a member of the Mayor of London’s (Boris Johnson) International Business Advisory Council 2008-2016.

Johan Eliasch holds the degrees of Bachelor of Economics (Stockholm University) and Master of Science (Royal Institute of Technology). He did military service in a specialist unit, the Royal Life Guard (K1) 1980-81.

He is a Swedish and British citizen. He has a competitive background in skiing, motor racing, curling, golf and tennis.