Charles Moore


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Charles Moore was born 31 October 1956. Mr. Moore attended Eton, and holds an M.A. with Honours in History from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Mr. Moore has been the Editor of The Spectator (1984-90), The Sunday Telegraph (1992-95) and The Daily Telegraph (1995-2003). Mr. Moore was the Chairman of the Policy Exchange Think Tank from 2005 to 2011. Since 2003, Mr. Moore has been the Group Consulting Editor, Telegraph Group, and since 2004, a weekly columnist for The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator.

Mr. Moore is the authorised biographer of Margaret Thatcher, and has published two volumes thus far. Volume One, titled “Not for Turning”, was published by Alfred Knopf in 2013, it was awarded the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography and the Paddy Power Political Book of the Year. Volume Two, titled “Everything She Wants”, was published in October 2016. The third and final volume is scheduled for publication in 2018.