Maurice Saatchi: Enough of the fake news and alternative facts

Following on from the report “An NHS Royal Commission: From fighting fires to lasting settlement”, published 20 February 2017 by the Centre for Policy Studies, Lord Saatchi has written a piece for Conservative Home website outlining why a Royal Commission is the best way forward for the NHS.

In the piece Lord Saatchi describes the issue:

“The NHS is meant to be a place of science. Instead, it has become a post-truth world – a swirling cacophony of fake news and alternative facts. ??The NHS is now the third rail of British politics – touch it and die.

The problem is not whether the NHS is ‘good or bad’. It is that no one agrees on anything. ??Even those most closely involved cannot agree on whether there is a problem, or, if there is, what it is; or what the solution might be.”

Lord Saatchi also illustrates some of the “alternative facts” about the health service, some of which are outlined below.

In his article, Lord Saatchi notes “we need an honest broker, a peacemaker, to break out of the conflict” and argues a Royal Commission can do just that.

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Date Added: Tuesday 28th March 2017