Britian needs to learn from the 1930s (Sky News)

CPS publication Metroboom, by George Trefgarne, takes centre stage in a recent article by Ed Conway (Sky News) on learning from the 1930s and Chamberlins masterful tenure as Chancellor.

“One of the great misconceptions of current economic debate is that Britain needs in some way to avoid making the mistakes that were made in the 1930s. While that maxim is certainly true of the US and much of Europe, it’s less well understood that, in fact, the 1930s were a pretty good period for the UK…

It’s a history mapped out by George Trefgarne in an excellent pamphlet produced by the Centre for Policy Studies. His point is not merely to tell a history lesson but to emphasise how Britain managed to turn a crisis into a genuine economic boom. And he believes the period has five key lessons for today’s policymakers…”

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Metroboom: Lessons from Britian’s recovery in the 1930s by CPS Expert George Trefgarne is available for download here.

Date Added: Saturday 17th March 2012