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Why is no one talking now about the security of the West?

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Charles Moore bemoans the lack of grand strategic thinking in the West in his Spectator column.

Anne Applebaum: The West needs to regain its ideals

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Anne Applebaum: “We need to think harder about why people are attracted to authoritarianism and fanaticism”

Could the next Islamic State attacker be a woman?

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Devorah Margolin, manager of the CPS’ Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security, discusses the role of woman in IS.

#MTSecurity17 speeches and transcripts now available

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Recordings and transcripts of the panels from the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security are now available

Margaret Thatcher: High Principle Joined to Power Politics

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Margaret Thatcher remains a model for present-day leaders as they respond to international threats – National Review

Senator Lieberman: The Democrats need to end futile resistance to Trump

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Senator Lieberman joins the BBC’s HARDtalk programme to discuss the possibility of impeachment and why he thinks the Democratic Party is wrong to opposite Trump.

UAE ambassador threatens further sanctions against Qatar

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HE Omar Saif Ghobash talks to the Guardian’s diplomatic editor about the sanctions against Qatar and the funding of terrorist organisations.

Terrorism case against Qatar muddied by Muslim Brotherhood links

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HE Omar Saif Ghobash, UAE Ambassador to Russia, discusses the recent sanctions against Qatar and accusations of funding terrorism.

UK ready to hit back after cyberattack, insists Fallon

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Sir Michael Fallon responds to comments made by Robert Hannigan, former Director of GCHQ, at the Margaret Thatcher Conference.

Moshe Ya’alon: “I no longer believe the Two State Solution can work”

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Moshe Ya’alon speaks to the BBC’s HARDtalk programme about his criticisms of Netanyahu and the future of Palestine.

The world is in a ‘troubled state’ and needs a Grand Strategy – Lord Richards

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Lord Richards speaks to BBC’s Newsnight programme about the need for international statesmen and a Grand Strategy.

Most significant foreign policy change under Trump is the Middle East – Lieberman

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Senator Joseph Lierberman speaks to Sky News about changes to America’s foreign policy under President Trump.

Professor Michael Clarke interviewed by Reuters on security

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Professor Michael Clarke joins a Facebook Live chat with Reuters news agency during the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security

Kissinger: Chaos in the west could give boost to Russia

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Dr Henry Kissinger predicts instability in the West will prolong Russian alienation

Henry Kissinger says Brexit will bring Britain closer to the US

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Dr. Henry Kissinger believes Brexit could lead to “a new articulation of the Atlantic partnership”

Margaret Thatcher knew that without security there is no prosperity

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Lord Saatchi writes for CapX on Lady Thatcher’s attitude towards security ahead of the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security.