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CPS rail competition bulletin in The Sun

CPS economic bulletin “Get rail competition back on track: more journeys, lower fares and happier passengers” was featured in The Sun, Wednesday 21 December 2016.  “MINISTERS were last night urged to rip-up the rule book and allow rival train operators to compete on the same bit of track. MPs backed calls from Margaret Thatcher’s favourite… View Article

Another victory for the CPS and for fairness and competition

The Centre for Policy Studies welcomes the publication today of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report on the transparency of legal services. In February this year the Centre for Policy Studies report The Price of Law drew attention to the failure of corporate law firms to provide transparency to customers over the pricing of their services. The… View Article

Free Ports Raised in Industrial Strategy Debate

Free Ports were raised by Rishi Sunak MP, and praised by Greg Clark MP, in the Industrial Strategy Debate of 13 December 2016, as recorded in Hansard · Rishi Sunak (Richmond (Yorks)) (Con) May I urge my right hon. Friend to consider creating free ports across the nation? Such free trade zones around our great port cities can… View Article

CPS report ‘A Toxic Tangle’ referenced in City AM

Michael Johnson’s report ‘A Toxic Tangle‘ was referenced in an article on the public sector pensions crisis in City AM on 13 December 2016 “The gap between private and public sector pensions in the UK is the worst in the developed world, according to the OECD. Civil servants can expect to receive a 6 per… View Article

Tony Lodge writes to the Telegraph on Grayling’s rail reforms

Tony Lodge wrote to the Telegraph on Grayling’s rail reforms on 9 December 2016 Sir- Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, is right to strip Network Rail of its monopoly infrastructure role (report, December 6), but it is regrettable he has not called for more on-track train competition. The 1992 white paper, which led to railway privatisation,… View Article

Head of economic research discusses in-work poverty on BBC north east radio

CPS head of economic research Daniel Mahoney discussed in-work poverty on BBC Newcastle and BBC Tees breakfast shows, Wednesday 7 December 2016.  You can listen to the interviews here: BBC Newcastle: BBC Tees:

Michael Johnson’s letter to the Telegraph on property taxes

Michael Johnson’s to the Telegraph on property taxes on 5 December 2016 Paul Johnson, the head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (comment, November 22), has suggested that we could ease the housing crisis by increasing council tax to reflect property valuations more closely, and thereby fund more construction. This is impractical for one reason:… View Article

Tony Lodge writes on the stakes of the UK energy policy debate

Energy analyst Tony Lodge writes  for the Telegraph that the stakes are high in the UK energy policy debate. “It is high noon for Britain’s fledgling energy policy. Years of failed interventions, arbitrary green targets and damaging subsidies will come to a head in this week’s capacity auction, when we will either see investors commit to building… View Article

Michael Johson’s letter to the Financial Times

Michael Johnson wrote “We’re making less and less that is useful and valuable” to the Financial Times on 2 December 2016 “Sir, The Financial Conduct Authority’s recent report concerning asset management provides robust, independent and damning evidence that skewers any justification that active fund management of listed assets is worth the candle. As I read it, a misquote of… View Article

Tom Burkard writes for the telegraph on Ofsted blighting poor pupils

CPS research fellow Tom Burkard, author of Children Behaving Better and founder of the Phoenix Free School in Oldham, writes that Ofsted itself is blighting poor pupils on 2 December 2016. “I don’t think anyone doubts that Sir Michael Wilshaw is sincere in his desire to raise standards in schools serving disadvantaged communities. He is admirably frank… View Article

Michael Johnson’s Briefing Note featured in Financial Times

The Financial Times featured Michael Johnson’s briefing note ‘80% of fund management industry redundant‘ on 28 November 2016 “The Centre for Policy Studies has claimed 80 per cent of the fund management industry is “redundant”. The claim followed the recently released Asset Management Market Study conducted by the The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which raised concern active fund management… View Article

Investment Week Writes on Michael Johnson’s Briefing Note

Investment Week featured Michael Johnson’s briefing note ‘80% of fund management industry redundant‘ on 28 November 2016 “In response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) Asset Management Market Study, Michael Johnson at the thinktank Centre for Policy Studies has said some 80% of the active investment industry is unnecessary, calling for pension schemes to embrace… View Article

Grade B for Hammond’s first and last Autumn Statement

CPS head of Economic Research Daniel Mahoney writes about the Chancellor’s last Autumn Statement on CapX The headline figure of an additional £122 billion of borrowing over the next five years will no doubt have been a source of great concern to many people. This decline in the public finance outlook since March this year (less than… View Article

France Needs Thatcherism – Can Fillon Deliver It?

Thatcherite candidate François Fillon is favourite to win today’s Les Républicains primary run-off vote against centrist Mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé. Fillon – considered an Anglophile – has spoken of his respect for former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the vital reforms that she and President Ronald Reagan undertook in the 1980s. M. Fillon spoke at… View Article

Daniel Mahoney discusses the Autumn Statement on Share Radio.

CPS head of economic research Daniel Mahoney discusses the Autumn Statement on Share Radio, Thursday 24 November 2016. 

Autumn Statement Response

Following the Autumn statement, Daniel Mahoney, Head of Economic Research, comments: “Hammond’s abolition of the Autumn Statement is a welcome move. It will reduce uncertainty for businesses that will no longer have to face changes to the tax system twice a year. “The Statement’s focus on boosting productivity – particularly through the promotion of infrastructure… View Article

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