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Speech by the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP: The New Fight for Fairness

Speech by the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP: The New Fight for Fairness On Thursday 17th December, from the Centre for Policy Studies’ offices, the Minister for Women and Equalities set out her vision and next steps for the way that this government will approach equality in the UK. You can watch the video below… View Article

Boris Johnson’s Government – One Year On

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to be joined by Rachel Wolf, Founding Partner at Public First and co-author of the Conservative Party’s Election Manifesto in 2019 Paul Goodman, Editor of ConservativeHome and former MP  Lord Finkelstein OBE, Associate editor and former executive editor of the The Times Robert Colvile, Director, CPS and co-author of the Conservative Party’s Election Manifesto in 2019 (Chair)… View Article

SMEs, growth, and the recovery: what role do SMEs have in the economic recovery and boosting growth?

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economy crisis have had a major impact on global trade and the businesses that drive it. As the UK enters a second lockdown, support from the government to all businesses, and especially SMEs, is essential as they try to get through this month and recover from the first lockdown. Between furlough and redudancy,… View Article

Post-Brexit UK prosperity: a focus on Trade and Domestic Regulatory Policy

Between the Covid-19 pandemic, ever-increasing damaging effects of climate change, and shifting pattens on the market, global trade has been going through a period of profound change. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, the need to review trade policy models and learn from emerging powers like Singapore, is bigger than ever –… View Article

CapX Live: the Secret Life of Special Advisers

Who are the mysterious special advisers who walk the corridors of power, wielding influence and driving policy? The SpAd is a special breed: media advisors, policy wonks, political fixers and, occasionally fashion tipsters to our most powerful politicians. Until recently, Peter Cardwell was one of their number, working side by side with ministers in three… View Article

Dr Frank Luntz explores how America voted, and what it means for the country’s future

Frank Luntz is one of the most honoured communication professionals in America today. Join Robert Colvile in conversation with Dr Luntz as they explore how America voted, and what it means for the country’s future. Friday 13th November at 17.00 – 18.00 The race for the White House is finally coming to an end. After… View Article

In conversation with: Andrew Sullivan on the US election

As America prepares to go to the polls to elect its next president, what is at stake seems to go beyond a simple choice between the current President and a former Vice President. In a climate of ever-increasing division, and with America still struggling to come to terms with the Covid crisis, the results of this upcoming… View Article

A Pro-Growth Tax System for the UK

The Centre for Policy Studies has been working with the Tax Foundation on a revenue-neutral plan for a more competitive and pro-growth UK tax regime. This comes after the release of the Tax Foundation’s annual International Tax Competitiveness Index, which places the UK 22nd out of 36 OECD countries, down one place from 2019. In… View Article

The Future of Populism

Update: John Ashmore, CapX Editor, will be hosting this event instead of Robert Colvile, CPS Director. A key part of the political narrative over the last decade has been the rise of populism. It has manifested itself in the increased success of far-right and left parties across Europe and the world. Many argue that populism… View Article

US Election Preview

With three weeks to go to election day and all to play for, the Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to host a public webinar, held in partnership with the C|T Group, on the US presidential election campaign, with a special focus on key swing states, and voters’ key motivations when choosing a candidate.  In… View Article

CPS at the Conservative Party Conference

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to announce our online fringe event program for the 2020 virtual Conservative Party Conference. This year’s program will take place on Sunday the 4th and Monday the 5th October 2020.  From our dedicated virtual event space you will be able to hear from a range of leading politicians, including… View Article

CPS in conversation with Helen Pluckrose

Join us tomorrow for a public webinar with Alex Morton in conversation with Helen Pluckrose, co-author of ‘Cynical Theories: How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity — and Why This Harms Everybody’ Liberalism is under siege – from the very people who are meant to defend it. That is the argument of ‘Cynical Theories’,… View Article

Going for Growth Conference

  What is the role of business in the recovery? How has the pandemic affected the housing sector, and how can we use housing to drive growth? How important is regulation reform to boosting economic growth rates? What impact does this all have on the Government’s levelling up agenda? How can we recover from the… View Article

Robert Colvile in conversation with James Ball

The internet has reshaped how the world works. Everything we do in our lives is tied to the internet; whether it is receiving all the latest breaking news and being informed at all times, checking our online banking or even running events and interviews. All we talk about is Google, Twitter, Facebook, using the Cloud, but… View Article

Robert Colvile in conversation with Nick Timothy CBE: What’s next for the Conservative Party?

Boris Johnson won the 2019 election by turning a lot of formerly safe Labour seats blue, with big promises to invest outside of London and the South-East, and to level up the country. Seven months, one labour leader and a global pandemic later, where does this vision stand and what does it mean for the… View Article

Free ports, nodes, and networks: harnessing trade after the pandemic

The Centre for Policy Studies and Global Economies Neural Networks were delighted to host a public webinar on ‘Free ports, nodes, and networks: harnessing trade after the pandemic’. Global trade nodes and networks were emerging before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the special economic zone agenda is gaining political traction in the UK, most clearly in the… View Article

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