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Tony Lodge

Tony Lodge is a political and energy analyst. He is a former Editor of the European Journal and a former Chief of Staff to the Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs.

He has written regularly in the national and international media and appeared on national TV and radio covering energy policy issues.  His publications include ‘Electrifying Britain – Forward with Coal, Gas and Nuclear’, published by the Economic Research Council (2005), ‘Clean Coal – A Clean, Secure and Affordable Alternative’ published by the CPS (2007) and ‘All Hot Air - Labour's Failed Strategy on Fuel Poverty’ published by The Bow Group (2008).

His areas of expertise include clean coal technology, fossil fuels, nuclear power, energy and environment policy, transport and the European Union. He is a frequent commentator on energy policy and the case for security of supply and a sustainable energy system. He is also author of Wind Chill - Why Wind Energy will not fill the UK's Energy Gap (2008) and ‘Step off the Gas: Why overdependence on gas is bad for the UK’ (2009), published by the CPS.

His has authored 'The Right Track - Delivering the Vision on High Speed Rail', published by the Bow Group in January 2010, ‘Rescuing Renewables – How energy storage can save green power’, published by the Bow Group in 2011, and 'The Atomic Clock - How the Coalition is gambling with Britain's energy policy', published by the CPS in January 2012.

His most recent publication with the CPS is 'Rail's Second Chance', published in April 2013.